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EaseUS Todo Backup Home: Comprehensive Protection for Your Digital Life

Secure Your Data with Advanced Windows Backup Solutions

  • New Features: Back up crucial app data such as Outlook emails, Chrome settings, and game files.
  • Security Zone: Create a ransomware-proof zone to protect vital data.
  • Versatile Backup Options: From system cloning to file transfer, ensure your data’s safety.

Award-Winning Backup Solutions for Comprehensive Protection

Efficient and Secure Backup and Recovery

Data loss, caused by system malfunctions or viruses, can occur unexpectedly. EaseUS Todo Backup provides a reliable safety net by enabling backups to various destinations, including network paths, USB drives, and cloud services, ensuring comprehensive data protection.

Disk and Partition Backup for Total Peace of Mind

Safeguard all data and settings with full disk or specific partition backups, ensuring quick recovery when needed.

System Backup: Secure Your Operating System

Create backups of your entire operating system and boot partitions, ensuring a swift and secure system restoration process.

File Backup Solutions: Protect Your Personal Data

Securely back up individual files or entire directories to local or external storage devices for layered data protection.

App Data Protection: Secure Your Digital Experience

Newly added features back up essential application data, including Outlook emails and Chrome settings, ensuring your digital life remains intact.

Instant Data Recovery for Seamless Access

New feature enables you to quickly access and edit files during the recovery process, reducing downtime significantly.

Reliable HDD and SSD Cloning for Easy Upgrades

System Cloning for Seamless Transitions

Effortlessly migrate your operating system to a new SSD, upgrade disks, or duplicate files while ensuring the new system is bootable.

Disk Cloning: Simplify Your Data Transfer

Clone your hard drive to an SSD, or create bootable USB/CD/DVD drives, streamlining the upgrade and data transfer process.

Versatile Cloning Options for Every Need

Supports cloning from smaller to larger drives and vice versa, including direct cloning of active Windows systems.

Exclusive Features That Set EaseUS Todo Backup Apart

WinPE Bootable Disk for Emergency Recovery

Create a bootable USB stick or CD/DVD for critical situations where the Windows system fails to start.

Innovative Security Zone for Enhanced Protection

Backup files to a secure, malware-proof partition, ensuring your data remains safe from ransomware attacks.

Efficient Hot Backup: No Interruptions

Continue working uninterrupted as the system performs hot backups, even of actively used files.

Intelligent Backup: Optimize Your Storage

Back up only the used sectors of file systems to reduce image file size and backup duration.

Convenient Mount/Unmount Feature for Easy Access

Quickly mount backup images to browse and extract individual files without full restoration.

Robust Recovery Environment for Critical Situations

Perform system and file restorations easily, even when your main system crashes.

Secure Offsite Copy for Double Protection

Automatically create a secondary backup on FTP for an added layer of security.

Stay Informed with E-mail Notifications

Receive detailed reports on backup status directly to your email for convenient monitoring.

Simplified and Intelligent Backup Software to Prevent Data Loss

AI-Powered Smart Backup for Efficient Protection

Utilize Smart Backup for intelligent, automated file and folder backups, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

Defend Against Ransomware with Security Zone

Create a dedicated, encrypted partition with the Security Zone feature, providing a safe haven for backups away from ransomware threats.

Comprehensive Backup Notifications

Stay updated with email notifications detailing the success or failure of your backup tasks, helping you manage and review your backup strategy effectively.


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EaseUS Todo Backup Home
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